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For many years, native Texan Cheryl Long, a fine arts graduate from the University Of Texas, has used various mediums to capture what she calls "The West Of Today". She formed her original enterprise, a garment company for the "Romantic cowboy or cowgirl at heart," in 1989. Using her own photographs of working ranches, she created romanticized images that were applied to T-shirts, home furnishings and more.

Cheryl developed her current accessory line from antiques, European velvets, recycled found objects, and her own painted and sculpted appliqued leathers. Her work includes a collection for the home and a lady's accessory line. Cheryl's one-of-a-kind wearable art and accessories have been featured in many celebrity award shows and worn by Hollywood and music stars.

The American West was a dominant force in giving our country its unique flavor. Many people trekked thousands of miles to the Western States for a sense of freedom. Vast open spaces of land and a sense that the frontier provides a place of isolation was very appealing to many Americans. The mass increase in population and the boom in industrialization during the 19th century was a little to much for some Americans. They wanted to get a way from a society that was drastically changing with or without their approval so the west provided an outlet. Americans that would make up the Western United States would establish their own type of culture, that would be cherished for many years to come.

Pure West accentuates the rugged western culture, history and landscape of the American West. The Pure Vintage is the classic feminine side. Inspiration comes from soft sulky ribbons, antique fabrics and actual museum quality handmade laces. Our accessory line is created using actual antique velvets, fabrics, velvets, Recycled found objects and Cheryl Long's artwork. Pure West and Pure Vintage creates accessories that have pure craftsmanship and design.